Suti Festival 2022 will take place at Praia Fluvial O Moinho, Benquerença, Portugal. We are very happy to return to this beautiful site with its river, green grass, large shade trees and good facilities.

Key Times/Dates

Gates open at 10:00 on Thursday, August 25th.

Semo stage opens at 17:00 on Thursday, August 25th.
Semo stage closes at 21:00 on Sunday, August 28th.
There will be an afterparty of a few hours on the Tero stage,
finishing in the early hours of Monday, August 29th. 

We request the campsite be vacated by the end of Monday, August 29th. 


Location and Coordinates

Suti Festival 2022 will take place at Praia Fluvial O Moinho, Benquerença, Portugal.

The main entrance coordinates are approximately:
40°13’39.1″N 7°13’21.5″W
(40.228241169141725, -7.222066702314068)

Be warned that with mobile signal being patchy, it can make GPS behave a little strangely.


Approximately 3 hours drive from Lisbon

There are a few trains from Lisboa to Caria during the festival. Caria is a small town, approximately 15km from the festival location. See below for options on how to get to the festival site from Caria.

On Thursday, August 25th, the 08:23 train from “Lisboa – Oriente” (short metro ride from Lisbon Airport, with the train also stopping at Santa Apolonia train station) arrives in Caria at 12:16, so there should be plenty of time until the Suti main stage opening.

There are a few options to return from Caria to Lisboa by train on Monday, August 29th.

Other train times and dates are available. Train schedules and ticket purchase is available at CP – Comboios de Portugal.

From Porto

Approximately 2h 30m drive from Porto.

There is a daily bus from Porto to Belmonte during the festival. Belmonte is a small town, approximately 25km from the festival location. See below for options on how to get to the festival site from Belmonte.

On Thursday, August 25th, the 10:00 bus from “Porto – Campo 24 de Agosto” (this is the bus station name) will arrive on Belmonte (Ginjal)” at 13:20.

There’s also a bus returning to Porto on Monday, August 29th, departing from Belmonte at 13:20, arriving in Porto at 17:20.

Other dates are available. Bus tickets can be purchased at Rede de Expressos.

From Madrid

Approximately 4 hours drive from Madrid.


Caria is a small town, approximately 15km from the festival location. Belmonte is another small town, approximately 25km from the festival location.

There is a taxi company in Caria: Táxis Bel, Lda.
Address: Casal de São Domingos, 6250-111 Caria
Phone: +351 275 911 450

We have spoken to this company and they are aware that there may be a number of passengers from the bus and train stations to the festival. The cost of a taxi from Caria to the festival site should be around 20€ for a trip (regardless the number of passengers). The same taxi company also does the trip from Belmonte, and the cost should be a bit more.

If needed, there is another taxi company in Caria: António Curto Penedo, Lda.
Address: Travessa R. Igreja 3, 6250-111 Caria
Phone: +351 275 476 102

We have not spoken to them about the festival, rates, etc., but rates should be similar between taxi companies.


There is a limited number of spaces on a limited number of Suti Festival shuttles, which we must run to collect artists from airports. These will run from airports to the festival and back.

We are not making any profit from these, but charging a simple division for the cost of each seat. But even then, this cost is significantly higher than using public transportation.

From Porto, the cost would be 50€ per seat (one way), and from Lisbon 70€ per seat (one way). There is also potentially a trip to Madrid very early on Monday morning.

If you have any interest in these please send us an e-mail to [email protected].


The Suti Festival site is much cooler than most places in the Portuguese summer due to its riverside location and shaded areas. Even so, the days are likely to be hot, so remember to protect yourself from the sun with light clothing, a hat, and sunscreen. However, because you are near running water, the nights can be much colder than you would expect, and warm clothes and a warm place to sleep may be essential to enjoy the night.

Please bring your ticket, whether it is printed or on your mobile device. To enter the festival, you MUST also bring a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. When you arrive at the venue, check-in at the gate to get your bracelet and enter the festival grounds.

All ticket payments at the festival gate must be done in cash (Euros). The bar will have a card terminal, where you should be able to pay with most credit or debit cards. Food stalls and shops will most likely only accept cash. There’s no ATM in the venue, but there’s one in Benquerença (2.3km distance). It may run out of cash, so come prepared.

Dogs are only allowed in the camping and parking areas and must be always on a lead.

Please be responsible for your trash and leave no trace.

Absolutely NO BURNING will be allowed due to very high fire risk. This means no campfires and no portable stoves or burners. Also, no glass will be allowed.

Finally, please bring loads of smiles and great vibes!