AUGUST 25th – 29th 2022



Suti is an intimate, forward-thinking gathering focused on nurturing artistic self-expression. We will enjoy a diverse range of manifestations of cutting edge psychedelic culture and deepen our connections with ourselves, each other and the spirit of transformation that is shifting the global conversation.

At its best, festival culture provides a vehicle for healing. We co-create safe spaces in which we can open ourselves and form meaningful connection with others. We find inspiration and knowledge useful for pursuing life-paths that feel more authentic to us and more connected to who we really are. We catch glimpses of what human culture could become as we reclaim our collective heart.

We unify in bubbles of positive energy and heal rifts, both inner and outer, through the age old vehicle of celebration. We sense a lineage back to our most distant ancestors, kicking up dust in the moonlight, celebrating their humanity and place within the cosmos.

In 2022 we hope you will join us for our third edition – once again digging deep into diverse and imaginative psychedelia including techno, psy-bass, dark prog and chillout.